Reconnecting and Reflecting

Today our Grade 12 students visited the Junior Campus to have breakfast with our Grade 6 students. This event also provided our students the opportunity to revisit the Junior Campus, meet with our staff and younger students, and share memories of their time at the School.
Junior Campus teacher and alumna, Ann Green spoke to our graduating students, touching the hearts of many with her wise and encouraging words.
Ann has shared her speech:
It has been quite a while since many of you entered these gates. Welcome back to our Junior Campus Grade 12s.
We are delighted to be here today to wish each of you every success in all that you do beyond 2021.
The next chapters in your stories are sure to be full of adventures, new horizons, and experiences. It doesn’t matter how you write your story.
Maybe for you, it is through a uni degree or a trade. Perhaps it’s travel or taking a gap year to discover all things new.
Whilst the idea of material success influences many lives, for you our hope is:
That you are enough, be you, be passionate and be happy. The rest will follow.
Write each chapter of your own story with honesty, integrity and drive.
Fly through the turbulence, take the challenges and be the best version of yourself.
When uncertainty is around, and we have had a fair share of that recently, NEVER stop looking, thinking, caring, and learning. Remember, you are in the midst of your story and the best is yet to come.
One important chapter to always remember, the one thing in your life that is constant and unchangeable is that.
You are a special part of THIS family, THE GRAMMAR FAMILY.

We, at the Junior Campus, wish you well as y

ou celebrate and honour your developing stories. Please, don’t forget to come home to share your journey with us – often.

Best wishes to you, our 2021 Valedicts.
Mrs Ann Green