Learning Enrichment

Supporting students with a diverse range of learning needs is a priority at Launceston Grammar. Students identified as having learning difficulties, disability and those identified as high ability or gifted can access a variety of supports and programmes at the Junior and Senior Campus.

Specialised Learning Enrichment teachers supported by teacher aides ensure additional support is provided to students following teacher recommendations and screening mechanisms. Additional support can take place in a traditional classroom setting or in small groups so that individual learning styles can be accommodated.

Learning Support

Launceston Grammar’s Learning Support provides a flexible and caring environment that responds to individual student’s academic, social, emotional and physical needs. We value inclusive education that informs and inspires all students. Those identified as requiring additional assistance are offered a selection of evidence-informed, innovative programmes. Each programme focuses on developing functional skills and focuses on improving foundational literacy and numeracy. Specialised teachers provide additional learning support after school in our Learning Hub.

Students who need adjustments in teaching & learning, communication, social/emotional well-being, participation and attendance or within the learning environment have Personalised Learning Plans which are collaboratively developed with the Head of School Student Support, Mrs Cassie Lobley or one of her team and your child’s teacher/s, parents and the student.  In Grades 11 and 12, there is also support to apply for TASC reasonable adjustments too.


Language and Literacy Intervention

Students identified as having difficulties in reading and/or writing (spelling, grammar and construction) are screened at least twice a year across the school and provided with personalised intervention in the form of explicit, research-based, multisensory methodology. We use the Orton Gillingham approach in both the Junior and Senior Campuses and The Writing revolution is now incorporated into the Language & Literacy Intervention classes.  On the Junior Campus, intervention occurs in the class Literacy blocks and in small groups or 1:1 timetabled sessions. On the Senior Campus, students in Grades 7 and 8 are selected for the intensive intervention in place of selecting a Language such as Chinese or French. In Grades 9 and 10, the Language and Literacy class is an elective for students to opt into.

Gifted Education

Based on the needs and interests of gifted and talented students, specialist programmes may be run in order to complement the School’s academic courses. Examples of these include:

Science and Philosophy

Students who are interested in looking at the way scientific discoveries impact on the world may be interested in discussing issues such as nanotechnology, genetic engineering, global warming and the role scientists play in government. Where possible, current events are used within the programme to encourage student to research and discuss important issues in science.

Literature and Philosophy

Students who love being challenged in their reading and understanding of ideas presented in texts from different eras and contexts may wish to undertake a programme that complements and extends the English curriculum. This enables students to develop a teacher/mentor relationship as they progress towards senior school.

Athlete Support

Students who are competing at a state or national level may benefit from time management and academic support through taking up an Extension Option line in their Academic programme.

PACE (Passion, Acceleration & Curriculum Extension)

PACE is offered as an elective in years 7 – 10 to identified students who work from a Personalised Learning Plan curriculum and assessment in their identified areas of strength. Their learning goals are both self-reported and teacher-reported. This subject is being run for the first time in 2023 to support our growing number of Gifted and Talented students in their fields of interest and passion in addition to core class extension.