Learning is an exciting experience at our School across all Grade levels. Our students are guided by teachers committed to the education of the boys and girls under their care. Our students are excited by scientific and math discoveries; engrossed in the exploration of geography, languages and history; inspired by art making; and guided through highly specialised and engaging Outdoor Education and Sports programmes.

Our aim is to provide a personalised approach to teaching and cater for students across the academic spectrum.

Delivered by outstanding teachers, Launceston Grammar’s focus is an inquiry-based approach, with authentic learning and critical thinking. With continued emphasis on the vital elements of numeracy and literacy skills, our teachers provide opportunity for students to develop strong foundations on which to build their knowledge and understanding as they progress from one grade to the next. Our teachers are supported by Education Assistants who work closely with them in the classroom.

Our Support Services staff provide an invaluable service to the School across the disciplines of Information Technology, Community Engagement and Marketing, Enrolments, Administration, Grounds and Maintenance, and Business Services.

Our staff can be emailed by using the initial of their first name followed by their surname. For example, John Smith’s address would be