Boarding Options

At Launceston Grammar limited boarding places are available to ensure we provide a quality residential experience for students with a clear focus on maintaining a friendly spirit of cooperation between staff and families.

Our boarding arrangements are flexible and include full-time, part-time, and casual boarding. We encourage strong family connections and boarders can spend time at home at weekends if they choose.

Please contact our Registrar at or +61 3 6336 6000 to discuss Launceston Grammar boarding options.

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Boarding FAQs

What areas do your boarding students come from?

The majority of Launceston Grammar boarding students come from regional and rural Tasmania.

Our international boarding students come from a wide range of locations across the globe, from Singapore to Malaysia, Indonesia to Hong Kong and China.

The range of students enables friendships and connections between students from different cultures and countries.

Does Launceston Grammar offer scholarships to boarding students?

Yes, we offer Boarding scholarships to applicants entering Grades 5 to 12 and boarding on a full-time basis. The scholarship carries a discount on boarding fees, as determined by the scholarship awarding committee.

Scholarships are available to students whose family resides in regional areas of Tasmania including Northern Midlands, East Coast, North West Coast, West Coast, Flinders Island, King Island and Southern Tasmania.

How many students share a room within the dedicated male and female boarding houses?

The junior students are in bedrooms with between two to four students in each. For boarders in Grade 10 – 12 they typically have their own room.

Do the students have to go home during the holidays?

Yes, our boarding house is closed during school holidays and mid-term breaks.

How is leave managed, and what is there to do at weekends?

We use the Reach leave system; an online system that when leave is requested (apart from some local leave) an email is generated to parents/ guardians to approve. We ask for leave to be submitted 48 hours ahead of time especially if the School is providing transport.

Weekend activities vary from gym sessions and games to walks, board games and movie nights on campus. Off-campus activities can include bushwalks, laser tag and exploring the local area.

What is the structure of the boarding houses at Launceston Grammar?

There is a separate Boys boarding house and a separate Girls boarding house with common spaces in both houses to mix, play games and socialise.

What is the food like for Launceston Grammar boarders?

Our Head Chef and staff provide a healthy, balanced diet for boarders to enjoy and work tirelessly to ensure particular needs and dietary requirements are met.

Hot items and cereals are provided for breakfast. Morning tea and lunch are eaten outside in the landscaped grounds after collecting from the café and afternoon tea is served in the dining room.

Dinner always includes a range of salads and a hot vegetarian option, and once per term, the boarding house hosts a fun, themed dinner where the boarding family celebrates the sense of community well-known at the School.

We are a nut aware school, with no nuts used for cooking in the boarding kitchen. Students with allergies are appropriately accommodated and we can easily cater for a wide range of tastes.

What if my child is homesick?

Homesickness is a very common and normal experience at the start of your child’s boarding journey. We have a number of orientation programmes designed to help ease the transition into boarding life. We run Experience Launceston Grammar nights where students stay a night and then have a day at school to familiarise themselves with our boarding and school life.

We acknowledge that settling into boarding routines is complex and that it can take individuals different lengths of time. We support students on their own journey so that they see boarding as a positive aspect in their life. Our staff and older students are also here to help your child settle in.

One thing we can assure you of, is that almost all of our students outgrow this homesickness stage and often can’t wait to return to boarding life after school holiday periods. Our graduating Grade 12 students are often sad to be leaving.

Can I visit my child in the boarding house?

Parents are always welcome, and we invite you to join us for dinner any time you are in town.

The boarding house regularly organises functions and events for boarding parents, including the welcome barbecue at the start of the year. We see the boarding journey as one that includes the whole family and parents are a key element of boarding house life. The essence of family remains vital to the boarding experience.

What happens if my child gets sick?

Staff are always available and have 24-hour access to medical care for boarders. A Registered Nurse operates the health centre during school hours and all boarding staff are trained in first aid.

Are there set times for homework and who helps my child if they are falling behind?

Prep time (or study time) is held from 6.30pm to 8.30pm depending on school level, Monday to Thursday and is intended to provide the opportunity for homework to be done as well as additional background reading, revision, and study for tests and exams. Our staff are available to assist and support students. Each afternoon staff are available in the Learning Hub and students are advised which teacher is there on which day. Some specialist teachers visit and support boarders at busier times in the calendar.

International Students

Launceston Grammar values the breadth of cultural experience that international students bring to the School.