Senior Campus Learning

At Launceston Grammar an enriching learning environment is underpinned by engaging and challenging opportunities. The curriculum is explored in a supportive environment where there is the opportunity for lively debate, development of values good character and the formation of well-developed understandings and views on local, national and international challenges.

The six years of secondary education available at Launceston Grammar can be understood as three modules, each two years in duration.

The first two years of secondary school aim to provide students with a broad experience of subject based education. A wide range of subjects offers experience in language, speech and communication, mathematics, creativity and the arts, society, science and technology, with a view to making the most informed choices for future pathways. 

Students may specialise in subjects according to individual strengths and interests within the middle two years of secondary school. The course consists of a common core group of learning areas plus up to eight half-year elective subjects. Students are introduced to approaches to work and forms of assessment which are critical in the final module.  

The final two years of secondary education which leads to the award of the Tasmanian Certificate of Education prepares students for further study, work, and their future. Students at this level can follow general or specialised courses. Provision is made for academic and vocational pathways. 

Our focus is on developing global learners and leaders to serve and shape our world with courage, curiosity, creativity and compassion.

Grade 7

Academically and socially, Grade 7 provides a structured transition from the security of primary school education to the challenging intellectual and emotional adolescent years. The balance between nurture and challenge is carefully managed to ensure an optimal start and successful learning outcomes across the school year.

The School supports Grade 7 students by way of a purpose-built learning zone. The ‘Log Cabin’ has been designed to meet the developmental needs of young adolescents and provides a welcoming and nurturing environment that gently exposes students to the wider experiences of secondary school. Now a long-valued tradition, it has been proven to support and increase parental involvement in secondary school life and transitions students smoothly to the Senior Campus.

Our Grade 7 students have a designated class teacher who is responsible for their overall welfare and is aware of the new challenges that the secondary years bring. The class teacher ensures that each of their students is known, heard and understood.

Students are assigned to one of our five Houses where they begin to form an identity and bond with this core group of fellow students. With Grade 7 teachers responsible for student pastoral care in their first year of high school, students become more fully part of the Senior Campus House system in Grade 8.

A highlight of Grade 7 at Launceston Grammar is the Outdoor Education programme consisting of two camps; a four-day camp in the second week of the new school year; and a seven-day experience on Maria Island in October. A special feature of both camps is that they are undertaken by all students at the same time and this adds greatly to the shared experience.

Grade 8

In Grade 8 our students make the transition from the Grade 7 Log Cabins and become more fully integrated into the House system. Joining a tutor group with students from Grades 8 to 12, they begin to set their sights on the years ahead. Together with their tutors, who are trained to have coaching conversations, they collaboratively plan their future goals.

Our specialised peer mentoring Pastoral Programme empowers students to learn from each other and develop strong, positive relationships with their cohort and teachers.

Grade 8 students are challenged in the outdoors with a major Outdoor Education camp at Freycinet Peninsular, and an extensive range of sporting, music and cultural activities. Grade 8 marks the beginning of the senior years with a wide choice of electives from which to choose. During Grade 8 students also begin to explore future potential careers with access to our specialist Careers Advisor.

Grade 8 Handbook 2024

Grade 9

Many opportunities are available for Grade 9 as they start to think about courses in Grades 11 and 12 and the years beyond. Students in Grade 9 have the opportunity to choose extension subjects in Mathematics, Science and History which fast track them into studies in Grade 11 and 12.

Students perform and excel in senior music ensembles, senior sports teams and a range of cultural activities that challenge them to perform at higher levels. They are exposed to a significant Outdoor Education experience in Tasmania’s north east that inspires and nurtures their unique leadership styles.

Grade 9 Handbook 2024


Grade 10

Grade 10 is a critical year as students begin preparation for pre tertiary studies. Launceston Grammar provides a raft of opportunities for students to help prepare them for the years ahead.

Significant elements of the Grade 10 year involve a Retreat programme, Grade 10 Futures Week and a unique Outdoor Education experience where students select from a range of experiences which range from traversing the Overland to rafting the Derwent River.

Grade 10 students take on leadership roles within the School and mentor younger students. As with other years, they spend significant time being counselled by their tutors and our careers advisory team about the years ahead whether it be academic or trades based.

Grade 10 Handbook 2024

Grade 11 and 12

These two years see students undertaking the Tasmanian Certificate of Education (TCE) studies as they begin to contemplate university based or careers based education in the years ahead. Launceston Grammar has the enviable reputation of producing results of the finest calibre across these two years.

Our small class sizes and highly regarded expert teaching staff maximise the potential of all students. Each year we have a significant number graduating in the top 100 within our state as well as a significant number graduating with an ATAR score that allows them access to their university of first choice. Equally, our students are guided into the workforce whether that be an apprenticeship or a gap year. As our students navigate this process, they are assisted by our specialised Careers Advisor as well as House heads.

The School’s focus is on helping students achieve their aspirations. In these final years they have opportunities to become leaders within the school community. Opportunities abound for students to be involved in community service projects from breakfast programmes at local primary schools to assisting to run the Sony Christmas Camp for students with disability. Many of our students will complete the Duke of Edinburgh award during these years and the School often has students awarded the coveted gold award in this scheme.

As with other years, our students have opportunities to participate and be challenged in academic, sporting, arts and cultural activities. Opportunities also abound for them to network with others within our community.

In Grade 12 students continue in the footsteps of those that have gone before by completing an annual Walkathon. This historic rite of passage includes an 80-kilometre walk to raise funds for charitable causes.

TCE Handbook 2024


Curriculum at Launceston Grammar’s Senior Campus follows the Australian Curriculum, developed by ACARA. Students can also engage in a vast range of exciting electives developed by the School, utilising best practice programme design and transdisciplinary approaches.

Academic Areas

The focus of the Grade 7 Academic programme is on supporting all students as they transition to a subject based curriculum. There is focus on developing literacy, numeracy and ICT skills in addition to introducing students to a broad range of subjects including English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Health and Physical Education, Drama, Music, Art, Home Economics, and Technology. In LOTE (Language Other Than English) students choose between French and Mandarin. For Grade 7 we also offer advanced programmes in Visual Arts, Performing Arts and ICT Literacy.

Students in Grade 8 study a range of subjects; some of which form the core of their Academic programme. The remainder is made up of several elective subjects including Drama, Design Graphics, Music, Philosophy, Robotics and Technology.

At the core of the Grade 9 and 10 Academic programmes is the extension of subjects studied in Grades 7 and 8. The programme maintains essential themes including literacy, numeracy, and understanding and awareness of one’s place in a changing world. Elective subjects can include Agricultural Science, Investigations in Science, Creative Writing, History, Aviation Theory, Sport Science, Music Technology, and Robotics and Coding.

Tasmanian Certificate of Education

On average, over 95% of Launceston Grammar Grade 12 students achieve the Tasmanian Certificate of Education (TCE).

An extensive selection of Grade 11 and 12 TCE courses are offered by the School, from Outdoor Education to Computer Science, Agricultural Science to Ancient History, Physics to French and Creative writing. This ensures that students are well prepared if they wish to pursue tertiary education.

Other General courses, such as Construction, Horticulture and Tourism, prepare students for destinations such as TAFE, for employment, traineeships, and specialist colleges. In addition, Grade 12 students can participate in a selective programme in association with employers which allows them to gain a VET certificate. VET courses include work at St Patrick’s College, TasTAFE, and in work placements. Students choosing a VET course may also be required to enrol in Pathway to work.

Co-Curricular Activities

A rich and varied co-curricular programme is offered to our Senior Campus students, providing unlimited opportunities to inspire and extend interests and passions and develop essential leadership and service attributes.

Through the co-curricular programme, our students can pursue knowledge, develop new skills and expand on existing skills. Our varied programmes allow students opportunities to push themselves out of their comfort zone and creatively solve problems. The programme also provides an avenue for students to showcase their talents to others with a wide range of performance opportunities.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award, debating and public speaking, music, creative and performing arts programmes, as well as a range of team and individual sport opportunities are available. The School also runs a comprehensive community service programmes with many students helping others within the local community outside of school hours.

Launceston Grammar students are expected to participate in an area of the co-curricular programme with many students choosing more than one area in which to participate.