2025 Scholarships

Our Scholarship Programme reflects our enduring commitment to encourage and assist students who dare to dream and aspire to excel. With the support of generous donors, Launceston Grammar celebrates the ability to support the achievements of its community and provide assistance to outstanding students who may not otherwise have the opportunity to learn at Launceston Grammar.

We value diversity amongst students and recognise this through the provision of a range of scholarships. They are offered at different year levels based on the assessment of specific criteria. Successful applicants will receive part remission of tuition fees (up to 50% concession) with scholarships tenable until the end of Grade 12, unless noted otherwise.

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What Scholarships are offered?

Launceston Grammar is committed to offering a range of Scholarship opportunities with the support of its generous donors. Exceptional students are able to apply for Academic, General Excellence, Regional Boarding and Principal’s Scholarships.


At Launceston Grammar, our commitment to student achievement knows no bounds. We extend the opportunity for new and existing students entering Grades 7 or 10 in 2025 to apply for our Academic scholarships.

Applicants must be available to participate in the Academic Testing, scheduled to occur on Monday 26 February 2024 at the Senior Campus, Mowbray. No supplementary testing dates are available. By submitting an online Academic Scholarship application form automatically registers an applicant to participate in the Academic Testing.

The Academic Testing spans various disciplines including general reasoning and problem solving, mathematics achievement and reasoning, reading comprehension, and written expression. Applicants should reference their reason for applying and particular strengths in a field of endeavour within their handwritten Letter to the Principal.   

This testing process is managed independently from Launceston Grammar and forms the cornerstone of our selection process.

Click here to apply for an Academic Scholarship.

General Excellence

Launceston Grammar’s General Excellence Scholarships are open to all new and existing students entering Grades 7 through to 11 in 2025. Successful applicants to General Excellence Scholarships will demonstrate their capability, achievements and potential in at least two of the following fields: 

  • Academic 
  • Leadership and community 
  • The Arts (music, performing arts, visual arts) 
  • Sport 

General Excellence Scholarships that recognise the Arts or Sport are required to meet additional scholarship conditions, including the ongoing study of the specific subject area and participation in the school’s extracurricular programme until the tenure of the scholarship. 


Performing Arts Excellence (including music, dance and drama) applicants are required to provide evidence of their talent within their handwritten Letter to the Principal 

Applicants are also required to prepare a 3-minute audition-piece to be provided as part of the interview process. Following the close of Scholarships, the School will contact applicants with details regarding their audition. 


Music Excellence applicants will need to demonstrate outstanding musical achievement or potential in one of four areas; Strings; Choral; Brass/Woodwind or Contemporary Music.  Applicants may wish to upload evidence via the Application portal, under ‘Additional Documentation’, along with their handwritten Letter to the Principal. As a guide, the School has set minimum levels of prior achievements on AMEB or Trinity College examinations, or their equivalent, for audition. These are as follows: 

Theory Performance School Grade of Entry
Grade 2 AMEB
Grade 3 AMEB Grade 7 
Grade 3 AMEB Grade 4 AMEB Grade 9
Grade 4 AMEB Grade 5-6 AMEB Grade 11


Visual Arts Excellence applicants are required to submit a portfolio of their work, along with their handwritten Letter to the Principal. The portfolio must be uploaded via the Application portal, under ‘Additional Documentation’. Portfolios will be reviewed by a panel and will be considered based on their originality, diversity, technical skill and emergence of a personal voice or vision. 


High-performance Sporting Athlete applicants are required to provide evidence of their talent through team selection and/or individual results, within their handwritten Letter to the Principal.  Applicants may choose to upload supporting documentation via the Application portal, under ‘Additional Documentation’. Applicants are invited to demonstrate their skill in a ‘tryout’ as part of the interview process. 


Click here to apply for a General Excellence Scholarship. 

Regional Boarding

As part of Launceston Grammar’s commitment to supporting learning opportunities for regional and rural students, Regional Boarding Scholarships are open to new and existing students entering Grades 5 through 12. 

Families who reside in regional or rural areas of Tasmania or mainland Australian states, are eligible to apply. Successful applicants will be required to board on a full-time basis.  

Within the Applicant’s handwritten Letter to the Principal, applicants must demonstrate a strong commitment to their studies and demonstrate capabilities and achievements in at least two of the following fields: 

  • Academic 
  • Leadership and community 
  • The Arts (music, performing arts, visual arts) 
  • Sport 

Click here to apply for a Regional Boarding Scholarship. 

Principal's Scholarship

The Principal’s Scholarship is a prestigious opportunity open to new students entering Grades 5 through 12.  

Applicants may have a special interest in areas such as STEAM, Entrepreneurship, Agriculture or Public Speaking. Applicants should reference their strengths in their area of interest within their handwritten Letter to the Principal.   

Launceston Grammar extends an invitation to students who identify as Indigenous or Aboriginal to apply for this Scholarship opportunity.  

This is a means-tested scholarship and requires a Financial Information Form and other relevant documentation submitted. 

The G.L. Stubs Educational Trust Scholarship is available for existing students (Grades 7-12) whose families are experiencing financial hardship and may be unable to complete their secondary education at Launceston Grammar without financial assistance. This Scholarship is awarded at the Principal’s discretion and applicants are required to advise of their wish to be considered for this Scholarship within their handwritten letter to the Principal.

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More Information

Who can apply?

Launceston Grammar encourages applications from both new and existing students. While some scholarships are offered to primary school students, the majority of scholarships are reserved for secondary students across both Day and Boarding enrolments.  

Scholarships and Grade entry in 2025:

General Excellence
Regional Boarding
Principal’s Scholarship


Key Dates
Applications open: Wednesday 22 November 2023
Academic Scholarship applications close: Monday 19 February 2024
Academic Scholarship Examination: Monday 26 February 2024
All other Scholarship applications close: Friday 8 March 2024
Interview with Principal: March/April 2024
Applicants will be notified of the outcome: By end of April 2024
How to apply

The process for applying for a Scholarship involves:

  1. Complete the Online Application ($110 non-refundable fee applicable for new and existing applicants).
  2. Applicants must provide supporting documentation, including uploading a handwritten Letter to the Principal demonstrating their achievements in their chosen field.
    • Academic
    • Leadership and community
    • The arts (music, performing arts, visual arts)
    • Sports
  3. Academic exam on Monday 26 February 2024 (Academic Scholarship only)
  4. Interview with the Principal