Transportation options for both the Junior and Senior Campuses include via bus, with a range of services available, and via car.


A range of school bus services are available to assist students getting to and from the Junior and Senior Campuses during term time.

For bus services outside the metro area, fares and routes are determined by individual bus companies.

Bus timetables for Metro buses are available here.

Metro bus passes are available for purchase here.


Junior Campus parents are asked to use the ‘valet system’ on Lyttleton Street before and after school with drivers utilising the assigned ‘pick-up zone’ and remaining in their car as students move to their vehicle. Senior Campus parents may drop off and collect their child from the drop-off or pick-up area located in the Chapel carpark. Grade 11 and 12 students may drive to and from school if granted permission by a parent or guardian. An ‘Application to Drive to School’ can be collected from Reception.