Performing and Creative Arts

From large-scale musicals to monologue performances, screen-based media to inspirational fine art, collaborative ensembles to master soloist pieces, our Performing and Creative Arts programmes offer many opportunities for students to shine.

Whatever their artistic talent or passion they will find an outlet across Dance, Drama, Music, Visual Arts and Media. There are also numerous opportunities to be involved through our extracurricular programme.

Poimena Gallery

At Launceston Grammar, we believe that authentic engagement and experience within the visual arts provide context and clarity for students to be creative and forward-thinking. Offering the perfect environment for this creativity to mature is the Poimena Gallery located at our Senior Campus.

A tremendous asset for students, the gallery ensures a considered interaction with art practitioners, providing opportunities for exhibitions that challenge and extend the range of arts experiences available to students and the wider community. The gallery provides an excellent opportunity for students to appreciate how ideas become 2D or 3D within a gallery space.

Strictly Ballroom

Launceston Church Grammar School proudly presents their Senior Campus production of Strictly Ballroom The Musical.

Wed May 22 7:00pm
Thu May 23 7:00pm
Fri May 24 7:00pm
Sat May 25 1:00pm
Sat May 25 7:00pm

Tickets still available. Book now.


Our Drama programme caters for a wide range of students and provides an exceptional creative outlet. Students have opportunities to develop their artistic ideas and skills as they explore a wide variety of learning experiences. These include a specialised programme for the development of skills and techniques as well as performance opportunities ranging from impromptu class presentations through to polished performances for invited audiences such as in soirees, the Launceston Competitions and musical productions.

The emphasis is as much on a developmental programme and the creative process as it is on performance.



At Launceston Grammar, Dance is not style specific, nor is previous dance experience necessary. Our Dance programme allows students the opportunity to create and choreograph dance pieces for performance. Students explore, develop and appreciate elements of movement, choreography and dance performance in small groups and whole class collaborations, as well as solo work at Grade 10 and TCE level.


Students with a love of music are encouraged to express their creativity through participation in our specialised Music programme. A major focus of the programme is the ongoing development of technique and performance skills for instrumentalists and vocalists.

In class, our students explore and develop ideas by creating, arranging and performing music. Individual and group work enables our students to develop ideas through the manipulation of the elements of music and to gain some understanding of the historical development of music. Dedicated technology classes use a wide variety of software. Students compose, arrange and record music and voice for podcasts, films and advertisements.

In addition to our classroom programme, students may learn an orchestral or band instrument or take vocal studies. Our extensive ensemble programme provides many performance opportunities throughout the year. Students have the opportunity to join Orchestra, Concert Band, Choir and smaller groups such as woodwind and brass ensemble or modern band.

Visual Arts

Each student is encouraged to open their mind to a world of self-expression and imagination. Working within a specialised studio environment they have fun whilst expressing themselves through three-dimensional works, drawing and painting. An integral element of their learning is to foster curiosity and confidence.

The Grade 9 Visual Art programme is designed to further extend and consolidate the skills students have acquired in Grades 7 and 8 and to continue to build student confidence through the completion of a variety of two- and three-dimensional media. The Grade 10 Visual Art course is designed to enable students to develop a broad range of technical skills across the disciplines of collage, drawing, painting and sculpture. On each occasion they employ the elements and principles of design to progressively produce works that are perceptive and expressive.


We offer a comprehensive Media programme where students can immerse themselves in photography, studio production, film and television studies, editing, and digital media. Our students learn practical skills needed to master videography, digital photography and screen-based media.

Students in Grade 9, through a variety of practical and theoretical activities, create digital artwork with a focus on digital image manipulation and photography. Grade 10 students develop skills relating to the creation of screen-based media with a focus on narrative film making. Grade 11 and 12 students continue with Media or Art Production armed with the skills required to excel.