Launceston Grammar delivers forward focused programmes and co-curricular activities which aim to inspire students across a range of subjects including outdoor education, aviation, agricultural science, mountain biking and photography. Delivered by passionate teachers, our students gain an insight into specialised areas of interest.

Outdoor Education Programme

From Maria Island to Freycinet National Park, Mt Cameron to the Gordon River, our Outdoor Education programme provides opportunities for students to learn more about themselves, their fellow students and Tasmania’s vast wilderness.

The experiential hands-on learning, which capitalises on our close proximity to some of Australia’s most magnificent areas of natural beauty, is delivered by highly specialised staff. Students participate in bushwalking, rock climbing, whitewater rafting, whitewater kayaking, mountain biking, sea kayaking and other outdoor activities.

Grade 7 head to Hanleth and Maria Island, Grade 8 to Freycinet National Park and Grade 9 to Mt Cameron. Grade 10 experience our Expedition programme which can include whitewater rafting on the Huon River, bushwalking on the Overland Track, or bike touring in the north east.

Our Grade 11 and 12 Outdoor Education programme is an elective course designed to foster well-developed personal, social and interpersonal skills, as well as providing a broad appreciation of Outdoor Education philosophy and approaches. The course helps foster responsible attitudes towards respecting and protecting the natural environment, and positive lifestyle habits and behaviours to support lifelong health.

Outdoor Leadership aims to provide students with the opportunities to develop personal leadership capacity, and a broad suite of transferable leadership skills which can be applied to multiple career pathways and settings including:

  • Organising and leading group activities in the natural environment;
  • Recognising and dealing with a range of challenging and often complex situations;
  • Decision-making processes, time and risk management;
  • Group welfare, understanding group dynamics, people management and delegation;
  • Handling responsibility and adapting to change;
  • Establishing, communicating and consistently following a personal values framework; and
  • Empowering learners to contribute to achieving an ecologically sustainable world.

Our purpose-built mountain bike track coupled with passionate Mountain Bike Australia accredited skills instructors, delivers a co-curricular mountain bike programme which is well subscribed.

Mountain Bike Programme

Mountain biking is offered as a co-curricular sport at Launceston Grammar. Students can participate in Term 1 and 4 and utilise the School’s purpose-built 2 km intermediate mountain bike track for their weekly training sessions. The track was designed by students passionate about mountain biking and built by a local trail expert with volunteer assistance from the Launceston Grammar community.

Students undertaking mountain biking will learn basic skills from braking and body position to more advanced skills including jumping and cornering berms. Off-site trips to explore trails at Kate Reed, Trevallyn and Hollybank are undertaken each term.