The Launceston Grammar Identity

Launceston Church Grammar School is an Anglican co-educational day and boarding community where global learners and leaders are nurtured, challenged and inspired to serve and shape our world with courage, curiosity, creativity and compassion.

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Headmaster’s Welcome

Nicholas Foster, Acting Headmaster

I am often asked what makes Launceston Church Grammar School such a special place.

For me, it is the sense of community that exists. A community that encompasses our students, our staff, our parents, our alumni and the many supporters of the School. A community that for over 175 years has been a central part of the City of Launceston. A community that works together to nurture, challenge and inspire the next generation of learners and leaders.

At the centre of all that we do are the students in our care. Our School motto, Nisi Dominis Frusta, reflects our commitment: to build strong foundations upon which our students can grow and develop to make their way in the world in front of them.

At Launceston Grammar we provide opportunities for our students in a myriad of settings  where our classrooms are also on sporting fields, stages, and the wilderness, where our students grow and learn.

We look forward to the opportunity to work with you and your children to help them build strong foundations. A foundation from which they can forge their future as the next generation of Launceston Grammar alumni.

Nicholas Foster

Acting Headmaster

An Anglican School

At Launceston Church Grammar School our spiritual life and worship is informed by the Anglican expression of the Christian faith.

We seek to uphold the values of the Christian faith in all we do as a School, at the same time recognising and celebrating the diversity that is within our School community and the needs of individuals. We invited our students to live a life in response to Jesus Christ while students of all faiths and none are welcomed and respected.

Our beautiful School Chapel is regarded as being at the heart of our School and has a prominent location at the entrance to the Senior Campus. Students from Prep to Grade 12 participate in weekly Chapel services and the year commences with services in the Chapel for staff and Senior Campus Houses where we reflect on the year ahead and pray for every aspect of School life.

Christian Studies classes from Prep to Grade 10 provide students with an opportunity to reflect on their own beliefs and outlook, gain a familiarity with the Bible, the life of Jesus, a Christian worldview and world religions. Students have access to chaplaincy services with the School Chaplains and benefit from a well-established pastoral care programme.

Since the School’s earliest days, there has been a close association between Launceston Grammar and St John’s Anglican Church. The School continues to meet each year at St John’s for the Senior Campus Founder’s Day Service and some members of the School community are involved in their Sunday services and Friday evening youth programme.

Students who are looking to go deeper in their faith or to explore questions about faith and life or the Bible have opportunities to do so in lunch time groups, camps, a retreat program and numerous Christian service activities. Members of the School community, particularly parents, meet each fortnight at the Junior Campus to pray for the School.

The Launceston Grammar Virtues, which we seek to nurture in the hearts of students, come from the Bible and the School’s Christian faith. The School’s virtues are:

Wisdom Sincerity Humility Hope Service
Gentleness Justice Thankfulness Joy Compassion
Love Forgiveness Patience Perseverance Kindness


Students are actively encouraged to help people in need within the School community, the local community, through Anglicare as well as other partner organisations, and our global community.

Our Strategic Plan 2021 - 2026

Launceston Church Grammar School’s 2021 – 2026 Strategic Plan calls us to continually enhance, evolve, and embed excellent education and opportunities.

2021 Launceston Grammar Annual Report

2020 Launceston Grammar Annual Report

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