Giving at Launceston Grammar

Philanthropy is at the heart of Launceston Grammar’s history, success and values. Our donors choose to give because they know their actions transform lives and shapes the future of our great School; ensuring an environment that continues to nurture, challenge and inspire well into the future.

We are deeply grateful to everyone who makes a gift to the School, we thank them and recognise their support through donor events and in the pages of News from Launceston Grammar.

Annual Fund

Shape our future today

Launceston Grammar students take the lessons and values learned and go on to make meaningful contributions to society’s culture, knowledge, and wellbeing. Old Launcestonians are contributing knowledge and support across all areas of society, using their talents for the betterment of others through business, law and politics, the arts, medicine, science and technology, sport and more.

Your gift is part of their success.

Choose your impact

Gifts of any size, to any of our campaigns, are greatly appreciated, and all make a significant difference. All donations over $2.00 are tax deductible.

To discuss how you might become a Launceston Grammar supporter please contact Ben Clark, Community Engagement & Project Manager or +61 3 6336 6056.

Make a gift to one of our current campaigns.

Scholarships and Bursaries

Scholarships and bursaries provide opportunities to talented and deserving students from all walks of life to access the transformative educational experience that is available at Launceston Grammar.

There are a number of ways scholarships and bursaries can operate. Contact us to find out more

By creating a scholarship or bursary, you can have a real and immediate impact on the life of a student. There is no greater gift than a quality education.

Giving things a go, even if you are not sure and being able to see whether it is a passion of yours is amazing.

Nicole Patrick

2020 School Co-Captain

We need the help from the generations that have gone for the generations that are coming.

Mr Christopher Prosser ‘Gus’ Green

OAM (OL 1949-1957)

Chapel Restoration

The Chapel is the heart of our School and requires some restoration work to the sandstone as well upgrades to the woodwork, carpet and heating. It would give us great joy to know that the Chapel, which has been such an important part of the School’s journey, will be restored and revived.

Our vision is to move forward with new learning resources and technologies.

Mrs Cherrilyn Parker

Learning Hub Co-ordinator

Our Libraries – Library Fund

By giving to the Junior Campus Library and Senior Campus Learning Hub, you are helping us capitalise on these much-loved spaces by delivering new technologies, resources and beautiful contemporary areas to nurture, challenge and inspire our students. Online resources are becoming more relevant and your support for this would be gratefully received.


Continue your legacy with a bequest

Including Launceston Grammar in your Will ensures your donation will support the School into the future without affecting your financial circumstances today. And, if you let us know that you have made this inclusion, you will have the benefit of being kept informed of how your gift could make an impact.

Bequests can support any of our philanthropic priorities or go towards an area of your choice. Contact us about creating your bequest.

Choose your impact

You can choose to support a priority area or focus on an area that reflects your passion. Please speak with Community Engagement and Project Manager, Ben Clark on +61 3 6336 6056 to discuss priority areas. In kind gifts and cultural gifts, such as notable artworks, are also welcome.

Give in a way that suits you

We recognise that each donor has unique financial situations and philanthropic goals. Options for making a gift include:


Give online to the area of your choice here.

Direct Deposit

If you would like to make a Direct Deposit through an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) please get in touch and we will provide you with the details to make a donation directly to the corresponding fund for a specific campaign.

By mail

Send a cheque to Launceston Church Grammar School, 36 Button Street, Mowbray Heights, TAS 7248.

By phone

Contact Ben Clark on + 61 3 6336 6056

In person

We would be pleased to meet with you to discuss your giving options. Contact us to arrange an appointment.

By recognising the School in your Will

Please see our section on bequests above.

Thank you

Gifts of any size, to any of our campaigns, are greatly appreciated, and all make a significant difference. All donations over $2.00 are tax deductible. 

To discuss how you might become a Launceston Grammar supporter please contact Ben Clark, Community Engagement & Project Manager or +61 3 6336 6056.


Giving back to the community

Volunteers are vital in supporting the School. They assist in a variety of areas including the DV Gunn collection researching, cataloguing and documenting historic items as well assisting with public enquiries and donations. Launceston Grammar past and present parents volunteer as members of various committees including the Old Launcestonians’
Association committee and Broadland House Old Girls Association committee and as members of Parent Association groups.


Volunteering at the School provides a number of key benefits, including being part of a supportive team, developing new skills and knowledge, and giving back to the Launceston Grammar community.

For more information please email or complete our contact form.