Sport increases a student’s sense of belonging, expands friendship groups, and leads to higher levels of motivation and engagement. At Launceston Grammar, our Sports programme delivers on all of these attributes providing opportunities for students to demonstrate leadership and determination.

A well-rounded approach to sport and physical education is delivered to students with a variety of team and individual sports opportunities on offer at both inter-house and interschool levels.



The programme emphasises the importance of physical fitness, improving personal performance, teamwork and fostering community spirit.

Students select from Blue, Black and White sport streams. Grades 7 to 9 undertake at least one Blue sport during the year or two Black sports. Grades 10 to 12 undertake at least one Blue sport during the year, or one Black sport plus an additional school co-curricular activity.

Blue sports include Australian Rules Football, Basketball, Badminton, Cricket, Hockey, Netball, Rowing, Soccer, and Tennis. Black sports include Athletics, Cross Country, Equestrian, Mountain Biking, Orienteering, Sailing, Swimming, and Table Tennis. White sports, which can also be undertaken within a community-based club, include Clay Target Shooting, Golf, Strength and Conditioning, Surfing, Touch Football, Triathlon and Umpiring.

The success of the School’s sporting journey can be accredited not only to its athletes but also the staff who work with them, as well as the investment the School makes in providing outstanding sporting facilities and attracting expert coaches.