Winter Holiday Wonders

The holidays are drawing to a close and our children in Vacation Care have taken part in a rich and engaging programme at our Junior Campus. The programme complements our inquiry-based educational offering and children are able to utilise dedicated outdoor and indoor learning and play zones whilst part of the programme.

During Term 2 vacation care, one of the highlights was making native seed plant bombs, students also took home saplings planted in a paper pot that they had decorated. This was an engaging activity ahead of the Schools National Tree Day this Friday 29 July.

The Vacation Care team are led by Kim Sloane, Jacquie Woolsey and their team. Open to children aged 3-12, they will get to know our wonderful team;

Catherine Savage – Supervisor
Lauren Stewart – Supervisor
Jane Cooper
Georgina Hodgetts
Samarla Carey
Belle Murdoch
Jess McGlinn
Abby Clements
Jessie Burford-Rowe
Emily Mills
and also spend time with former student Archie Wilkinson and current students Lily Redburn (Grade 12) and Stella Wilkinson (Grade 11). Our engaging School Holiday Club programmes are also available providing a rich variety of excursions and incursions for participants, such as our visit in Week 1 of the holiday from St John’s Ambulance Australia for an age-appropriate First Aid course. The children enrolled in the programme are also encouraged to learn some time honoured traditions, such as making the perfect paper aeroplane and racing them with friends.
Our upcoming programme will be emailed to parents approx. 3-4 weeks prior to the holidays but if you have any enquiries ahead of this, please email Kim at or call the Junior Campus on 6336 5900.
Term 3 Vacation Care will be run from Monday 3 October- Friday 14 October – excluding Show Day holiday on Thursday 6 October.
December Vacation Care will run from Thursday 15 December – Wednesday 21 December