Sustainable fashion – industry and education

Grade 11 student Amelia Talbot has been widely praised by local designers, fashion retailers and Vinnies Tasmania for her thoughtful and conscientious short film about sustainable fashion.

Amelia outlined her motivation behind producing a film on sustainable fashion and the impact of a wasteful, fast-fashion culture. “I created a documentary about being a ‘conscious consumer’, including the benefits of sustainable shopping, supporting small businesses and second-hand fashion, aiming to educate viewers that there are many sustainable fashion options in Tasmania. Whilst also spreading awareness of the impacts of fast fashion and the harmful effects they have both socially and environmentally. As a society, we need to make a shift in the fashion industry and stop glamourising fast fashion. The first step is education, and we as consumers have the most power to make that change.”

The film also includes alumna Sally Lowe, a textiles and clothing design teacher who is the Production Manager at a local business, The Spotted Quoll. The company’s ethos is to create beautiful, ethical wares, featuring original, environmentally inspired designs.


You can watch the short film below.