Sony Foundation Australia Video 2022

The Sony Foundation Holiday Camps programme began in 1998 with one camp in one Sydney school. Since then, it has expanded to 30 camps in 50 schools and universities, with Launceston Grammar taking part for the last 18 years. The Programme provides a much-needed break for parents and carers while simultaneously giving the children an incredible holiday, and the teenage carers an eye-opening experience. The Camp is provided at no cost to the families. One highlight of the Sony Foundation Camp is the video that is produced after the camp, full of smiles and great memories for everyone involved.

We give thanks to the media team that put together this year’s video;

Thomas Wyly

Will Robertson

Nina Gibson

Savindi Tillerkeratne

We also would like to thank those involved with scrapbooking who also assisted in the photography for this video.

Alice Reid

Elora Willis

Isobel Talbot

Lily Case

Ella Fassett

Sienna Mullenger

Miret Fourie

Ruby Schulz

Roisin Goodsall

Scarlett Dunne