Meet Our Archive Volunteers

The School’s DV Gunn Archives is a valuable repository of material relating to our history. The collection is available to the school and wider community, held in trust for future generations. We are fortunate to have four wonderful volunteers who spend each Thursday, term-time within the Archive Centre, providing invaluable input to the collection.

John Brett

I joined the Archive’s team in 2016. With a long professional career in both IT and photography, I felt I could provide the skills to implement change in the way we preserve the valuable history of our school.

The ultimate outcome of digitising, reorganising, and streamlining our archives allows easier access to our
177 years of history and makes it more available to students, teaching staff and the broader community. In preserving our artefacts, we are ostensibly bringing the precious school history to life – presenting it in a way that is accessible in today’s world.

Rosemary Hirst

After delving into my own family history, I was asked to be involved in the Grammar Archives over six years ago. We welcome all donated items from school wear to book prizes, old trophies of former students of Broadland House and Grammar.

My niece asked me if I would like her pair of brown gloves and stockings she came across – yes please! These proved useful when displaying Broadland uniforms. Another contact of mine had her father’s oar from rowing in the Bourke Cup in 1909 – currently on display in one of our cabinets in Café 1846.

Recently I came across an old letter from my uncle with the dates of when two great uncles attended Grammar
at the Elizabeth Street Campus. It was in 1890 and 1899 with my grandfather commencing in 1900. It would seem a bit like a family affair thru the ages!

Rosemary Stobart

I have a love of both schools. I spent my school years at Broadland House and my two sons attended Launceston Grammar.

Broadland was once the oldest school beginning in 1845 and so the continuation of Broadland House history, traditions and culture is important. We are fortunate to have the support of Grammar to ensure its longevity.

The Broadland window in the Grammar Chapel is a wonderful reminder that our old school is not forgotten.

Alan Beecroft

Having attended the school for the best part of 12 years, from Grammar Prep in High Street to the big school at Mowbray, I can relate to many of the names and photos we as a team come across in our work in the school Archives area.

I have enjoyed discovering the recorded history and many photos and personalities relating to the 177 years that Grammar has existed and the work we are doing in preserving that history for future generations.