Master Plan


Welcome to the next evolution

Guiding the development of the Senior Campus over the next 15 years, the Master Plan builds on the history and tradition of our School.

Our vision has informed the Master Plan to ensure we continue to create a community where students are nurtured, challenged and inspired. Where teaching and learning are supported by new spaces in an inclusive environment. Where interdisciplinary practice, connection and collaboration can thrive.

As we honour the heritage of our existing buildings and the beauty of our natural environment, we look forward to the future possibilities our Master Plan presents.

Arrival Experience

Our identity is inextricably linked to the historic character of our buildings. As you arrive at our School, the heritage buildings, picturesque oval and natural beauty convey a sense of warmth and create a memorable first impression. The Master Plan will enhance this by developing an exclusively pedestrian zone with all buses and cars diverted to the edge of the Campus.

The new arrival experience will showcase how we integrate sport and outdoor activities with academic pursuits. It will be welcoming and peaceful, set within the context of beautifully landscaped gardens for a more people-friendly entrance to our grounds.

architect's impression of the arrival experience

The development of the Master Plan will provide a clear direction for the Senior Campus as we move into the next decade and beyond. It is exciting to see the vision for exceptional and contemporary learning spaces on the Campus, blending existing buildings with innovative new design features.

The concept of learning hubs and flexible learning spaces will enhance the students’ experiences and learning outcomes. The completed suite of works will help us to nurture, challenge and inspire this, and future generations, of students and staff at Launceston Grammar.

Nicholas Foster, Head of Senior Campus

Connection through the Campus

The Master Plan will establish a clear and uncluttered way of moving through the full length of the buildings in the Senior Campus. Navigation through the buildings will be easier, along with a clearer visual connection to invite activity and participation.

The Academic Street will be a vibrant, multi-functional space for interaction and learning, connection and socialisation. Extending beyond the buildings, the tree-lined Academic Street will also include a culinary garden.

Dedicated House Area

For generations, the House System has been integral to the School’s Pastoral Care. To reinforce and support this, we are developing dedicated areas for each house.

Located in close proximity to the Head of House office, each house area will provide a gathering space that’s large enough for the whole house. With the addition of spaces for smaller groups, informal areas for socialising, and meeting rooms for structure learning, house lockers will also be centrally located.

architect's impression of a dedicated House area

Introducing Five New Precincts

To support a contemporary approach to education, we’re developing five new precincts. Designed to be multi-functional, they will encourage the students to interact and engage in their learning. They will foster collaboration and cater to the diverse learning needs and styles of our students.

Academic Precincts

Performing Arts

Creative and Manual Arts


Applied Science

Experiential Learning

Academic Precincts

Building on our recent investment in more flexible classroom furniture, the new Academic Precincts will include space beyond the classroom for innovative, multidisciplinary, collaborative learning. With spaces for large group learning and gatherings as well as smaller break-out working areas, the precincts will be supported with excellent digital connectivity. Spaces will be built in a flexible way to cater to different needs and will reconfigure easily to serve multiple purposes. Teacher offices will also be integrated so teachers are more visible and accessible to students. In the Academic Precincts, ideas will flourish, creativity will take root and collaboration between students and teachers will thrive in an inspirational environment.

Performing Arts

The new Performing Arts Precinct will bring together the disciplines of Drama, Dance and Music. With a large space ideal for performances, the Performing Arts Precinct will also incorporate a dance studio and rooms for drama, music theory, recording and ensemble rehearsal. This will provide us the opportunity to bring public performance into the School, raise our profile in the Arts and give our students access to inspiration and mentoring. The existing auditorium will be transformed with the removal of the raked floor and addition of a new flat floor midway up the building. Facilities such as change rooms and prop storage have been planned for the areas where natural light is minimal to ensure the best use of the space.

Creative and Manual Arts

Relocating from Poimena to the Ferrall Building, the new location of the Creative and Manual Arts Precinct will allow for greater promotion of interdisciplinary academic pursuits. With large windows that provide an abundance of natural light and spectacular views over the Tamar, this is the ideal place to inspire creativity and spark a love of the visual arts. The Ferrall Building will house Media, Textiles and Jewellery with a combination of purpose-built art, design and digital media studios. Manual Arts and Design will be conveniently located in the adjacent building. Due to the nature of the large spaces in the building, the Creative and Manual Arts Precinct will offer a great deal of flexibility to reconfigure the space to a variety of different needs.

Poimena will be a dedicated exhibition space for the School and wider Launceston community. Utilising the building as a dedicate exhibition space will allow for larger exhibition, more exhibitions and use of the space by a wider range of subject areas to spotlight the excellent work of our students and inspiring people within our local and global community.


The existing Boys’ House will transform into the Humanities Precinct by reconfiguring the dormitories into a variety of learning spaces that suit our collaborative, multidisciplinary approach. The Precinct will house teacher stations as well as spaces for large group learning and smaller break-out working areas. In all, nine new structured learning and teaching spaces will be added along with the smaller informal spaces. At all times, the heritage values of the building will be retained and enhanced. This Precinct will house the disciplines of English, Humanities, Languages other than English (LOTE), Christian Studies, History, Business, Commerce, Economics, Geography and Legal Studies.

Applied Science

An enclosed internal courtyard forms the focus of the Applied Science Precinct. Offering a sheltered play space for bad weather, this courtyard also allows for the installation of exhibits as well as informal learning and social connection. This Precinct brings science to the fore, making it visible to all students with laboratories adjacent to the Academic Street. Existing laboratories will be altered to create a more open and transparent environment. The Precinct will house Mathematics, Science, Technology, Agriculture and HPE with a mix of classrooms, studios, laboratories and workshops all designed for flexible teaching and learning. A culinary garden and cafe also provide opportunities for practical, hands-on learning.

Experiential Learning

Made up of three zones, the centre of the Experiential Learning Precinct is the recently refurbished foyer and Cafe 1846, which will both remain. The sports hall will undergo a refurbishment to meet the contemporary needs of our School. This will include the repositioning of the basketball court to provide the required side space for a full size FBA regulation size basketball court. Spectator seating with change rooms below will give this space greater functionality and the possible opportunity to host NBL practice and games. Located off the Quadrangle, the Experiential Learning Precinct will also house a large strength and conditioning centre overlooking the oval as well as the relocation of the current Health Centre and School Nurse.

Integrated Residential Boarding

1. Co-located Boarding

Planned changes to co-locate the boys’ and girls’ Boarding Houses will continue to strengthen our Boarding identity and tradition. The current Girls’ House will be expanded and two wings established, one for girls and the other for boys. The existing Boys’ House will be repurposed into learning space to improve the integration and flow of precincts along the Academic Street.

2. Refurbished Facilities

The facilities in the Boarding House will be refurbished with the addition of a shared recreation space and shared kitchen. Each wing will also contain single and double rooms with shared bathrooms and separate lounge area. The existing dining room will remain as the space for boarders to share their main meals.

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architect's impression of the integrated residential Boarding

Aerial View

In designing the Master Plan, we have made the most of our existing facilities. With refurbishment and upgrades, these facilities will meet our future needs while still retaining the outstanding characteristics that define our campus.


The Master Plan will be carefully managed and enabled through the generous support of the Launceston Grammar community. As we embark on the journey to bring the Master Plan to life we thank you for your support and look forward to the future.

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