Seven students who started Grade 7 in 2022 have shared with us their thoughts, challenges and excitement about life on the Senior Campus at Launceston Grammar. We sat down with Harry to learn more about his time in Grade 7 so far.

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Harry's Grade 7 Journey

What has surprised you about your time so far in Grade 7?

It is surprising how many subjects there are and how we get to do everything.

Have you been to school outside of Australia. If so, how is it different?

Yes, I was in Vietnam until the end of Grade 3. First of all, the classes are a lot bigger, so here you usually get classes of 25 there you could have up to 40 and you also find yourself doing the same stuff over and over whereas here, say in Maths, we would do two weeks and then move on to something else. In Vietnam you can find yourself doing one thing for a month or so. 

What were you most excited to do in Grade 7?

I have been most excited to learn so many new things. I wanted to see what was taught in Grade 7 that isn’t in primary school. I found that Maths was a lot harder, but science becomes very interesting, we do things like Biology that I’ve never done before. 

What has been challenging about starting Grade 7?

It was a bit difficult to find friends at the start but you get over that quickly. 


What would you tell Grade 6 students from outside of Australia about joining the Senior Campus?

Absolutely do it, it’s amazing, the place is great we even have a swimming pool! We have big ovals, the teachers are amazing, and they will listen to you when you have something to say and they will also teach you lots of interesting things, it’s great. 

Tell us about your best moment so far this year.  

When I went to the inter-school chess competition, I had to play against people up to Grade 12, but I won 5 out of 7 games and recently finding out that I came first in the Chinese speaking competition, that was fun.