Seven students who started Grade 7 in 2022 have shared with us their thoughts, challenges and excitement about life on the Senior Campus at Launceston Grammar. We sat down with Grace to learn more about her time in Grade 7 so far.

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Grace's Grade 7 Journey

What has surprised you about your time so far in Grade 7?

How easy it was to make friends. I didn’t think that I would have so many friends, like Chanel and all the other girls. 

What were you most excited to do in Grade 7?

I was really excited about electives because in Primary School you just get all the things that you have to do, but this year you can choose what you wanted to do and I think that’s really cool. I chose dance, food studies and art.

Has there been anything challenging about starting Grade 7?

The workload. I feel like there is a lot of work but with the teachers’ help, it is manageable. 

What is it like having an older sibling at the school? 

For the first few days it’s really good as they can tell you where to go and it’s really helpful. 

Tell us about your best moment so far this year.  

When we went to Tasmania Zoo on the bus. The bus was fun and all the animals were good too. My favourite animal there was the meerkat and my favourite Tasmanian animal is the Tasmanian Devil.