Seven students who started Grade 7 in 2022 have shared with us their thoughts, challenges and excitement about life on the Senior Campus at Launceston Grammar. We sat down with Chanel to learn more about her time in Grade 7 and how she has dealt with the changes.

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Chanel's Grade 7 Journey

What has surprised you about your time so far in Grade 7?

Just how easy making friends was because of Covid we were stuck in Sydney for a lot of the orientation days so when we came down for the first day, I knew no one so I was scared that it would come to recess and I was going to be sitting by myself. It ended up that I had so many options and so many people to choose from because everyone was so lovely and so nice.  

What do you think about the Grade 7’s having their own area, the Log Cabin?

I think it’s good because we are not restricted to the Log Cabin area and we can access other parts of the school. We also have our own down ball courts and our own oval.

What has been challenging about starting Grade 7?

You have to be on top of the workload as every subject has assignments- particularly in the final weeks.

What would you tell Grade 6 students that are getting ready to join the Senior Campus?

To take every opportunity you are given. There are so many here at Launceston Grammar with the debating club, speeches, cooking, dance and so much more. I suggest trying many things and taking each opportunity because you might find that you enjoy it and you will also meet people across other grades as well.

Tell us about your best moment so far this year.  

I really liked the athletics carnival even though I was really nervous, I had so much fun.