Fundraising Fun and the 4 Cs

This week on the Junior Campus, our students displayed examples of all of the 4C’s and even added a few of their own. One little boy may have inspired his peers to raise money for other children with cancer but it soon became a full school event, a Teddy Bears Picnic to raise funds for The Kids Cancer Project.


Such a big inspiration from such a small human! Alfred (Prep: Bassano) has inspired the whole school by talking about everything he has gone through.


When Alfred told his story, students were curious as to how they could help.



Our Grade 6 students have shown exemplary leadership to their younger cohorts. Pluto, Rosie, Madeline and Jessie helped the Prep students turn their idea of raising money to buy teddy bears for children with cancer into an action plan whilst Claudia Hurst made teddy bears and convinced her grandmother, mother and brother to help her.


The whole Junior Campus embraced the fundraising day, bringing their own cuddly toys into school, enjoying icy poles bought for fundraising and playing together. The wider Launceston Grammar community has also been very generous and donated enthusiastically to the campaign. Donate here


The other students all understood how important their favourite cuddly toy is to them. A very special, soft friend to comfort them in times of nerves or hurt and a pal to play with in the good times.


Mrs Bassano led her students outside on the first day of fresh, winter sunshine for a Teddy Bears Picnic with their much-loved teddies and soft toys.



Across the Junior Campus, everywhere we turned, there were cuddles! All the students, big and small, cuddle their very favourite friends and demonstrate everything that we hope for our young people. It is said that Launceston Grammar is a Community of Compassion, “Our history shows that each student who passes through the School leaves an enduring mark on our community. At Launceston Grammar, we see it daily. The kindness and compassion that is shared; the passion and determination to strive for what is right and just; and the desire to change our world for the better.”

The Examiner Newspaper joined our picnic and reported on this initiative that has so far raised almost $2,500 and strengthened the bonds of friendship between our Grade 6 and Prep students.

There is still time to donate to the Kids Cancer Project here.