2022 Grade 12 Walkathon Charity #LetUsSpeak

The 2022 Grade 12 students have raised $68,000 for the Walkathon charity of their choice, #LetUsSpeak. For 59 years our students have chosen a charity to support in their final year of school with the pinnacle event being the Walkathon, a 24-hour, 80-kilometre walk in April. This year the students were inspired by Tasmanian Grace Tame and the work she has done with Walkley award-winning journalist Nina Funnell. Funds raised will go towards The Survivor Voices Project, which will tell the stories of survivors on their own terms and in their own words.

Launceston Grammar commends our Grade 12 students for selecting a challenging and important charity and for their dedication to fundraising during the year. Nina Funnell spoke to our students on Valedictory Day to thank them for their impressive efforts.

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