Tasmanian Science Talent Search Success

Emily Schipp (Grade 10) has won First Place in the Tasmanian Science Talent Search 2022 Grade 10 Research investigations with her project ‘Too Late for Tea – Bacterial Growth in Tea Samples’. Emily is also one of only three studies that also received the University of Tasmania Excellence in Scientific Inquiry Awards. This award is presented to students who have shown an excellent understanding of scientific processes in their entries.

We would like to also give thanks to Mr Darren Chilcott, Emily’s mentor, along with Mr Cox, Ms Ali Porteus and Mr Rod Hutchins who supported all of the students in Grade 9 & 10 Science Extension.

We have also had some excellent results in the UTAS Science and Engineering Investigation Awards. Lettamae Gardner (Grade 10) won Best Project for her study titled ‘Does organic and synthetic dyes affect the biodegrading process of fabric?’

Ify Nwaba (Grade 10) was Highly Commended by Judges for her project ‘What fruits have the largest quantity of Vitamin C in comparison to their body mass?’