Student Winners – Menzies Institute Transport Storytelling Competition

The University of Tasmania, Menzies Institute asked Tasmanians of all ages to share their best active transport stories. Their five-minute, spoken-word stories needed to illustrate why they love to bike, walk, or ride. Working with their teacher, Mr Timothy Brown, 5Brown students participated in an exciting storytelling competition as part of the Menzies Institute.

Zach Cubbit and Josie Curtis were invited to an online workshop with authors and invited to a ceremony At this event, the best storytellers, as judged by local author Sam George-Allen, performed their stories. They were joined by Associate Professor Verity Cleland, a leading public health researcher from the Menzies Institute for Medical Research and Associate Professor Cleland explained the science behind active transport and presented new research about how we might improve Tasmanians’ access to healthy transport options.

Both Josie and Zach told their story In front of an engaged audience, it was a rewarding experience for them and they both received some lovely feedback from judges. Zach was awarded the “Children’s Category Award” and received a voucher at a bike store. Josie was a runner up.