Excellent Education and Opportunities

Launceston Church Grammar School’s 2021 – 2026 Strategic Plan calls us to continually enhance, evolve, and embed excellent education and opportunities.

We will be agile and progressive across the School, focusing on the education and community we provide for our people, and the responsible use of our systems and resources.

From the Board and Headmaster

The 2021- 2026 Launceston Church Grammar School Strategic Plan was developed during one of the most rapidly changing and challenging periods in recent world history. This recent experience has reminded us of the importance of the School’s ongoing commitment to preparing students to be learners and leaders who are ready to be responsive as they serve and shape our world.

From Nigel Bailey & Nicholas Foster

From our earliest days, the School has provided excellent education and opportunities for students. Over the past 175 years, the School has sought to remain dynamic and relevant, with graduates ready to contribute to an ever-changing society. Launceston Church Grammar School’s 2021 – 2026 Strategic Plan calls us to continually enhance, evolve and embed excellent education and opportunities. We will be agile and progressive across the School, focusing on the education and community we provide for our people, and the responsible use of our systems and resources.

The Strategic Plan builds on the achievements of the previous plan, which included:

  • Providing globally relevant education through the introduction of the International Baccalaureate Primary Years’ Programme, a unique Aviation Programme and new spaces such as Faulkner Park and Café 1846;
  • Engaging with our School Community by involving our community as experts in classroom learning, an Entrepreneurship Club and Leadership Lunches;
  • Offering a Tasmanian experience by developing the Outdoor Education programme and a student designed and developed Mountain Bike Track at the Senior Campus;
  • Being environmentally responsible by teaching sustainability across the School; and
  • Building a sustainable school by identifying the optimal school size and launching a tax- deductible Scholarship Fund.

As a School, our people, particularly our students, are why we exist. Every person in our community, from our staff, to our parents and grandparents, past and present, along with our alumni, plays a vital part in contributing to the excellent education and opportunities provided. The School will continue to advance through the responsible use of resources and systems as we seek to equip this generation of students and the next.

This Strategic Plan has been a collaboration with the School and its wider community. We are very grateful for the input, feedback and effort that many people have provided to bring this plan together.

We honour our past students, staff, board members, parents, grandparents, and carers by the way we now build on all that we have inherited.

We will continue to strive to be a community which is small enough for students to be known and large enough to provide abundant opportunities. We aim for students to be nurtured, challenged, and inspired to be future-ready graduates who are known for their courage, curiosity, creativity, and compassion.

This Strategic Plan cascades down into a suite of more detailed operational plans and progress will be captured at the end of each year in the School’s Annual Report.

As you read the Strategic Plan, we hope you are as excited about the future as we are.

Nigel Bailey, Chair
On behalf of
Launceston Church Grammar School Board

Nicholas Foster, Acting Headmaster
Launceston Church Grammar School

Our Identity

Launceston Church Grammar School is an Anglican co educational day and boarding community where global learners and leaders are nurtured, challenged, and inspired to serve and shape our world.

Our Vision

To provide excellent education and opportunity for all students to contribute well to society and the world.

Our Purpose

We equip students to adapt to a rapidly changing environment, with courage, curiosity, creativity and compassion, producing valuable members of society.

Our Motto

Nisi Dominus Frustra

Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labour in vain. Psalm 127:1

Our Virtues

Wisdom Forgiveness
Joy Gentleness
Humility Perseverance
Love Thankfulness
Service Sincerity
Patience Compassion
Justice Hope

Our People

1 To provide holistic, excellent educational opportunities in a nurturing, challenging and inspiring environment.

  • Optimise learning and care for students based on insights into how young people learn and develop
  • Establish an integrated Academic and Pastoral Care Framework incorporating the School virtues
  • Provide opportunities for students and staff to make their good health a priority
  • Grow the opportunities for students to experience a breadth of learning beyond the classroom
  • Present the Christian faith in a challenging and inspiring way whilst welcoming people of all faiths and none
  • Expand learning opportunities beyond traditional subject offerings to create different ways to explore problems, concepts, or industries
  • Strengthen the academic care provided to boarding students
  • Increase students’ engagement with and understanding of people and communities across the globe

Measurables include

  • Achievement and maintenance of Gold level Skilled Workplace recognition with Mental Health First Aid Australia
  • Development and implementation of A School Academic Care Framework
  • Development and embedding of The Cultivate Programme providing real and connected learning experiences about the challenges and opportunities of living and working in regional areas

2 To facilitate a constructive culture, encouraging an environment of continuous improvement and learning.

  • Expand the use of goal setting, feedback and review for students and staff
  • Retain and attract staff who pursue relevant ongoing learning and contribute this learning to the School and wider educational community
  • Improve cross-team collaboration and team leadership
  • Strengthen the culture of upholding the School’s virtues

Measurables include

  • Growth in student and staff goal setting
  • Expansion of the staff leadership development programme
  • Increased hosting of highly regarded professional learning opportunities in which the staff and wider community participate
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Our People

3 To equip our people with the skills to adapt to a rapidly changing world.

  • Embed the teaching of creativity, thinking and inquiry across the curriculum
  • Improve literacy and numeracy outcomes for students
  • Develop the ability of students to lead and work with diverse teams on issues of local and global significance
  • Equip students and staff to thrive in a digitally immersed world

Measurables include

  • Obtain and maintain International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme authorisation
  • Literacy and numeracy intervention designed using student data
  • Development and implementation of a Digital Wisdom programme across both campuses

4 To strengthen belonging and involvement across the School community and beyond.

  • Provide further leadership development opportunities for students throughout their school years
  • Foster an environment in which relationships can thrive and a sense of belonging can grow
  • Enhance opportunities for parents and alumni to be involved in the School community
  • Grow the culture of giving across the School community
  • Provide an increasingly supportive and seamless experience for new students, parents, and staff

Measurables include

  • Establishment of a Parent Grade Representative and Regional Alumni Representative programmes
  • Increased participation by students in service-learning
  • Development and Implementation of a Reconciliation Action Plan
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Our Resources

5 To prioritise and manage business development activities through the responsible use of our resources.

  • Maintain and create safe, inspiring spaces and infrastructure for excellent learning opportunities
  • Manage the financial model to fund key priorities and achieve the optimum size of the School to ensure long-term sustainability
  • Ensure that external compliance requirements are met consistently
  • Enhance risk management practices to maintain a safe environment for the School community
  • To provide sustainable educational development and outcomes through the responsible use of resources

Measurables include

  • Increased access to green space at the Junior Campus
  • Development of a Master Plan for the Junior Campus and Senior Campus

6 To embed socially, ethically, and environmentally, responsible practice in the School’s decision making.

  • Protect our students by strengthening child safe practices and leading the way in Northern Tasmania to secure Safeguarding Children Accreditation
  • Be responsible for our impact on the natural environment and engage students and staff in this

Measurables include

  • Achievement of Safeguarding Children Accreditation through the Australian Childhood Foundation
  • Development and implementation of an Environment Management Plan
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Our Systems

7 To be agile and progressive, advancing our systems and technology platforms.

  • Provide students and parents with a personalised and streamlined digital user experience
  • Enhance enrolment processes and activities
  • Look outwards and to the future for opportunities to improve and create efficiencies
  • Improve processes to ensure responsiveness to the learning and pastoral needs of students

Measurables include

  • Implementation of a new student and parent portal to streamline communication
  • Development and implementation of an Educational Information Technology Plan
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