Spotlight on Learning – Martine Cook

Martine Cook, Grade 2 teacher at the Junior Campus may be a relatively new face in the school but her work with colleague Debbie Deans in the celebration of ‘Two Two Tuesday‘ has made her a familiar sight to many in 2022.

Martine completed her Bachelor of Education in Melbourne and shortly after completing her studies, moved to the UK. She worked as Head of Drama at Eton Square School, where Andrew Lloyd Weber’s children attended and later Head of Visual Art in another Junior School in London. Returning to Melbourne to teach before moving to Tasmania, Martine worked as an Art teacher K-6 at St Michael’s Grammar School, St Kilda, Melbourne for 14 years where both my children attended. Some of my student’s work was selected by Christopher Elliot Design in the modern refurbishment of the Senior School.

In her own words “I have a wealth of experience being immersed in the practice of authentic Inquiry teaching through both the PYP and Reggio Emilia Approach. I am a natural inquirer and wonderer and passionate about the learning environment and utilising aesthetics as a teaching tool. Co-creating an ever-changing space with children creates a sense of wonder, provokes awe, provides comfort in all their senses and freedom to learn and create. My view of children as capable and knowledgeable gives them the confidence to share their strengths and feel truly understood, therefore ready to learn. Evidence-based teaching practice enhances their learning experience and provides excellent outcomes.’

‘Apart from having a working knowledge of The Reggio Emilia approach through art teaching, I am inspired by the writings and work of Loris Malaguzzi around ‘The Atelier’. I also have an admiration for the work of Louisa Moats and her unwavering dedication to studies in the Science of Reading. I am mostly inspired by courageous, hard-working individuals who are not afraid to make positive change against all odds, following their dreams and wonderings, with integrity, open-mindedness and grace. I have always been inspired by artists, architects and designers and have an appreciation of beauty, seeing the world around me closely. I love a story and I am touched by the generosity of a sharing conversation.’

Martine’s special interest areas are those surrounding neurodiversity, dyslexia and the evidence-based teaching of these subjects. She has completed a Multi-Sensory Structured Language Post-Graduate course with the International Dyslexia Association and also professional development in Autism Spectrum Learning.

We welcome Martine to the school and we look forward to seeing her creativity and enthusiasm grow on the Junior Campus.