Spotlight on Learning – Mabel

There is a new member of the Launceston Grammar team who has been introduced by Cassie Lobley, our Head of Learning Enrichment K-12 M.Education, M.Psych, B.Education, B.BehSci, Dip.Bus. Please welcome Mabel to the Senior Campus.

Cassie told us that “Mabel means “Bringer of Love” and I purchased her last year with the sole intention of using her as a therapy and well-being dog to support my work with disengaged young people. Mabel is a purebred Cocker Spaniel. She wears her Grammar uniform with pride.  She is gentle, obedient and calm. She has a quiet, loveable nature and naturally gravitates to kids who need help to regulate their emotions and bring a sense of calmness to their space. Mabel would spend her days in the Ferrall building or in planned areas/classrooms under direct supervision. Her quiet space would be in her on-site kennel in the Ferrall Building.”

Research shows that well-being dogs play a paws-itive role in encouraging social bonding and feelings of safety. Therapy Dogs in Education talks about the science behind bringing a dog into a school. “The use of Therapy Dogs in schools and workplaces is a new phenomenon and there is a growing body of evidence recognising a range of benefits resulting from interactions with animals which positively impact the physical and psychological health of those who interact with them. Recent studies have found improvements in cardiovascular health, improved immune system function, improved pain management and a decrease in the experience of stress and anxiety following interactions with a range of animals.”

Mabel will work alongside the Learning Support & Enrichment team to support the overall mental health and wellbeing of students who may be experiencing difficulties such as school refusal, anxiety, mental health challenges, difficulty coping with disability, or a lack of confidence and motivation. These students regularly visit the Ferrall building hub daily to regulate and seek support. Mabel will help students to regulate emotions and assist with movement breaks and brain breaks so students are ready to learn.

We look forward to seeing Mabel around campus and watching the positive influence that she has on our students.