Spotlight on Learning – Abdul Kamara

What are the advantages of having a native speaker of a language in the classroom?

A native speaker of a language can offer an insight into authentic pronunciation, spontaneous language or street language, use of idioms and general conversational ease with the language.

Abdul Kamara joined us in early 2022. A member of the Modern Languages Teachers of Tasmania, Mr Kamara studied his Bachelor’s and Masters of Education locally at UTAS after his initial studies at Université de Cocody in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire. French is his first language and observing a lesson with Grade 7 students, it is easy to see how a unique understanding of culture can positively influence teaching.

Grade 7 students took part in an inquiry into the food, culture, fashion, and sports of the country. The students were particularly engaged in discussing parkour, fashion and where in France they would like to visit based on the short piece that they had seen. A lively debate around the differences between life in France compared to in Australia followed the viewing. This is the sort of interaction that Abdul has enjoyed with the students in his time on the Senior Campus.

“They are mostly keen and respectful and I enjoy the fact that most of the students like to participate wholeheartedly in my work with them.  Additionally, I enjoy laughing with the students or watching the quizzical look on some of their faces from time to time, when we get to learn aspects of culture that might just be unknown to them, especially when compared with their own culture.”

Launceston Grammar offers students the opportunity to learn French, German and Mandarin.