Schools Triathlon Challenge 2022

The Launceston Grammar Junior and Senior Campus recently took part in the Schools Triathlon Challenge on 23 and 24 November in Devonport. The event is open to students in Grades 3-12 with the youngest entrants swimming 50m in the sea, cycling 2.5km and running 500m. The most senior entrants are required to swim 250m, cycle 9.5km and run 3km. Across the two campuses, Launceston Grammar performed incredibly well and we send our congratulations to everyone who competed and assisted on the day. Mr Zantuck accompanied our Junior students whilst Mr Wattke led the Senior students at the event and both have put together some words about what was a fantastic event.


Junior Campus Triathletes

On Thursday 24th November, 46 Grade 4 to 6 students took part in the Schools Triathlon Challenge. For some, it was their first time, for others another opportunity to be able to represent the school and test themselves in the water, on their bike and then on a run.

I am so grateful for all of the support of our parents and the Launceston Grammar Community. From setting up gazebos, marshalling students, and taking extra bikes on their vehicles, it was a mighty team effort. Thank you to Nicole Prewer and Sophie Gunn who attended and were invaluable in assisting with everything that goes with a triathlon day.

It was an early start, we left Launceston at around 7.30 am and returned at around 4.15 pm on our Grammar school bus. Thank you to Luke Ellis who drove us there and back.

Our students competed with distinction. Out of the 6 events that we participated in, we won three of the categories in the individual events and placed in the teams’ events on two occasions as well. I am so proud of all of the students, for having a try at something new, getting out of their comfort zone and pushing themselves. I hear the water was very cold!

In the Grade 5 Boys Individual event, Harry Jackson blitzed the field and won. This is the second year in a row he has graced the finishing line in 1st place. In the Grade 5 Girls Individual event, Polly Carins also lead from start to finish, crossing the line in 1st place with a commanding performance. Zac Holloway came 1st place in the Grade 6 Boys Individual, another strong and dominating performance. Lucy Jackson had a super effort in the Grade 6 Girls event, finishing in 4th place.

We also had success in the Teams categories, with one of our Grade 5 Boys teams only finishing second by a matter of metres. Angus O’Shea (swim), Harry Jackson (ride) and Alex French (run) all teaming together and have a heap of fun out on the course. One of our many Grade 5 Girls’ teams, Eva Reid (swim), Ivy Rapley (ride) and Ruby Macleod (run) also had a lot of fun and pulled together a third-place finish.

There is so much to celebrate and the smiles on the students’ faces say it all. We had record numbers this year and I imagine that it will be something that many of our students will put their hands up for again next year and in future years. It was a magical day and I am so proud of all the students who all started and finished their race, no matter where they came from, everyone was a winner.

Christian Zantuck, PE Junior Campus

Senior Campus Triathletes

Grammar travelled to Devonport for the Schools Triathlon Challenge. The students performed outstandingly in trying conditions (very Windy). Rosie Jackson was the standout, convincingly winning the open girls, and we also took out the fourth (Tess Klower), fifth (Asha Pohan), and seventh place (Madeline Brown). Grade 7 was also a very successful group, with Phoebe Jackson-Mills coming second, and we had numerous top 20 places in both boy’s and girl’s events.

Peter Wattke, Acting Director of Sport