PYPX Exhibition Launch

Launceston Grammar Grade 6 students will be showcasing their learning outcomes at the Primary Years Programme Exhibition (PYPX), tomorrow, Thursday 17 September to fellow students and parents, at the Junior Campus.

Primary Years Programme Coordinator, Claire Calvert said an exciting aspect of being a student in an International Baccalaureate school is the opportunity to contribute to the exhibition.

“For our Grade 6 students, the exhibition is another opportunity to undertake a rich and interesting inquiry into issues of local and global significance,” says Claire.

The PYPX gives students the opportunity to articulate the process of their learning and understanding of the Primary Years Programme framework to our whole community.

“The knowledge our students’ gain and the skills they develop, and practise, are on display for all to see and the community can view first-hand our students’ individual strengths, values and passions through the way they choose to represent their inquiries.

“Students this year are inquiring into the central idea ‘Humans value freedom’. Supported by the knowledge strands from the Australian Curriculum, the inquiry has a focus on economics, particularly the impact that being financially literate can have on a person’s financial freedom.”

One of the major aspects of the exhibition process this year was the $5 Project. Students continued their learning from previous years about money, its value, how it is calculated, and have also extended it to begin to understand exchange rates and factors that impact the rise and fall of a nation’s currency. Each student was given $5 and created their own business and goals – industriously working to generate the most amount of income in the grade.