Sebastian Gomez

Boy House Tutors

What are you studying?
I’m currently studying Naval Architecture at the Australian Maritime College in Tasmania.

What are your interests in life?
I grew up around the ocean in WA, and have always been passionate about maritime pursuits. This connection led me to buy and refurbish my own boat at 16, sparking an interest in naval architecture. When I am not in the ocean, I enjoy soccer, camping, 4WD, and hitting the gym.

Why do you like working at Grammar Boarding?
Firstly, I feel privileged to be a part of the boarding house community. The relationship between the boarders and tutors is professional and harmonious. Secondly, working closely with the boarders in a residential setting allows me to positively impact their lives both academically and personally. Lastly, I enjoy the variety of roles that I have to fulfil while working at Grammer Boarding.