Hobart Choral Trip Ellavoce and The Fellas

During Term 2 our musical groups Ellavoce and the Fellas visited Hobart on May 29 to take part in a workshop with Hutchins and Collegiate students and also competed in the City of Hobart Performing Arts Eisteddfod on Monday, May 30, at the Federation Concert Hall.

The Australian National Eisteddfod describes how this traditionally Welsh event took hold in Australia.

Following the gold rushes of the 1850s and under the influence of Welsh miners and settlers, annual music and arts festivals were established, at first in Victoria. The first of these was the Music Society of Victoria, which was established in Melbourne in 1861 and the Royal South Street Society Ballarat, which was established in 1879.

These are often, but not always, referred to as Eisteddfods. There are competitions, festivals, challenges and other events, all of which have the character of an Eisteddfod. – A history of Australian Eisteddfods has been written by Cath Filmer-Davies – Eisteddfod – a Welsh Tradition in Australia, Seren Press, Brisbane 2001.

These traditions have for decades helped to build and develop young performers who can compete against each other and also learn from some of the best in the Performing Arts. Our Choir Director Amelia Reynolds accompanied our students to this recent event and worked with others to bring us this video of their time in Hobart.