The four years of education available at Launceston Grammar are offered in two modules, each two years in duration.


The second year at secondary school aims to provide students with a broad experience of education. A wide range of subjects offers experience in language, speech and communication, creativity and the arts, society, science and technology, with a view to making the most informed choices for future study.

Grade 8 students move away from the Log Cabin and join the wider school community. They are organised into tutor groups within the house system for pastoral care. Grade 8 students continue to work in core classes for approximately two thirds of their lessons however they will continue to be grouped into different classes according to their strengths in Mathematics. This streaming is usually done at the beginning of the year, however it is understood that students are able to move between groups if the need arises. 

Grade 8 students are able to study up to 6 elective subjects for half of the year; in many cases students choose to study one or more elective for the full year. 

The lessons are allocated as follows: 

  • English 9 lessons 
  • Mathematics 9 lessons 
  • Science 7 lessons 
  • History 4 lessons 
  • Geography 4 lessons 
  • LOTE or HEC 6 lessons 
  • Christian Studies 2 lessons 
  • Health and Physical Education 5 lessons 
  • Sport 2 lessons 

Elective subjects (6) 4 lessons for half the year In the elective programme, students are able to choose from Art, Music, Drama, Dance Extension, Craft and Design, Design Graphics, Craft and Design, ICT Studies, Food Studies, Textiles and Design.

pdf Download the Grade 8 Academic Programme


In the middle two years of the secondary school, students may specialise in subjects according to individual needs, strengths and interests. The course consists of a common core plus seven half-year elective subjects and introduces students to the approaches to their work and the forms of assessment that will be critical in the final module.

The core curriculum in Grades 9 and 10 continues to develop students’ skills in the key areas of literacy and numeracy. In addition, students develop an increasing understanding and awareness of their place in a changing world, as well as developing practical abilities across four elective subjects. 

Full details of the content of the curriculum in Grades 9 and 10 are outlined in the above handbook.

Students continue to be organised into core classes for their basic subjects in addition to the streamed classes in Mathematics. 

The time allocated to various subjects is detailed below: 

  • English 9 lessons 
  • Mathematics 9 lessons 
  • Science 9 lessons 
  • Geography 5 lessons for half the year 
  • History 4 lessons 
  • Citizenship 2 lessons 
  • Health and Physical Education 7 lessons 
  • Elective subjects (7) 5 lessons each for half the year 

In the elective programme students are able to choose from Music, Drama, Drama Performance, Dance, Mathematics Extended, Investigations in Science, Applied Engineering, Computer Aided Design, Technology, Commerce, Food Studies, Textiles and Design, Visual Arts, Media Arts, French, German, Japanese, Support, Extension, ICT Studies, Sport Science, Agricultural Science and Music Technology.

pdf Download the Grades 9 and 10 Subject Handbook