Seven students who started Grade 7 in 2022 have shared with us their thoughts, challenges and excitement about life on the Senior Campus at Launceston Grammar. We sat down with Izzy to learn more about her time in Grade 7 so far.

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Izzy's Grade 7 Journey

Tell us about moving from Grade 6 at the Junior Campus to the Grade 7 Log Cabin? 

It definitely was a big change but something that helped me with that change was finding the right people, and having friends that were going through the same things. 

What has surprised you about your time so far in Grade 7?

I actually thought that it was going to be a lot harder than it actually was to settle in. 

What were you most excited to do in Grade 7?

Being a Grade 7, there wasn’t really anything specific that I was looking forward to. 

Has there been anything challenging about starting Grade 7?

Yes, navigating around the school was probably the hardest thing but the teachers were very helpful. 

What would you tell your younger sibling about starting at the Senior Campus? 

I would tell them that being organised will help a lot.

Tell us about your best moment so far this year.  

My best moment was finding what I liked at school and finding the people that I liked doing them with.