What makes education at an independent school different?
• Engagement • Commitment • Community

Whilst each independent school has its own particular characteristics and ethos, most emphasise, encourage and support engagement in the all-round business of learning and growing. In this regard, co-curricular activities are a critical component as they involve both students and staff in activities which draw them together and encourage positive interaction.

Shared commitment is also an aspect of most independent schools. Parents have placed a high value on education and are keen to work with the school to ensure the best outcomes for their children. This shared commitment lays the basis for a positive learning community. Students work together and with staff co-operatively and purposefully. There is an overall sense that people care about each other. At Grammar visitors often comment on the openness with which students greet them and the positive warmth which is evident in interactions they see between students and staff. That rapport, based on mutual respect and trust, leads to students feeling valued and that they belong.