Grade 8 Asian Tourism and Trade Fair

As the end of Term 4 approached, our Grade 8 students stepped away from their traditional timetable to take part in Challenge Week. During Challenge Week, each team had four days to research and create a sustainable Trade Stall at the Asian Tourism and Trade Fair which was held in the Assembly Hall on Tuesday 13th December.

Students were asked to act as Government Executives hired by an Asian nation to build the profile of their country amongst the Australian population for the purposes of tourism and trade. Groups worked together on a variety of tasks to learn about their nation and build their stall. The Best Stall and Leadership award winners won Petrarch’s book vouchers. Throughout the week, students also had the opportunity to participate in Pool Week, a Volleyball competition, and well-being reflection sessions to contemplate areas of growth for Grade 9 next year.

The students performed impressively, welcoming visitors to their stands in the language of their assigned country, showing displays of key exports, favourite past times and cultural activities and handing out specially designed brochures.


Congratulations to all those that took part in the Asian Tourism and Trade Fair, including our winners;

Best Teamwork: Philippines

Best Trade Learning: Thailand and Japan

Best Cultural Learning: Vietnam

Best Research Award: Singapore

Best Final Stall Presentation and Delivery and Leadership: Mongolia and India


Tom Cole

Molly Clark

Charli Hall

Peter O’Malley

Jack Smith

Lachie Hirst

Henry Legge

Charlie Gabbedy

Ruby Schulz

Hollie Jones


Sophie Fassett

Bryce Russell

Elliot Blackwell

Peter Morgan-Dean

Heidi Curtis

Lenny Duffy

Lilian Foster

Sakura Fisher

Cameron Kirkby

Lachlan Walker