Asha Pohan, International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day to me is a day to acknowledge the woman in my life that have had an inspiring impact on me, even if they don’t realise it. For me, I have many women around me that support me in everything that I do, and this day acts as an opportunity to reflect on and admire this with gratitude. It is a day to acknowledge the improvements that historically women have made in order for us to live the life we do now. It is a reminder of how much further there still is to go; but especially, it is to celebrate being a woman. We are fearless, compassionate, empowering and resilient.

Asha Pohan, Co-Captain 2023, has written this message to the school community as a reflection on women who have influenced her, how her leadership has been impacted by their guidance and the leader that she is becoming. Launceston Grammar commends Asha and the women who have served before her as Co-Captains. Their role in shaping the lives of the young women of our school community has been and will continue to be positive and long-lasting.