2023 Launceston Grammar School Leaders

“If your actions create a legacy that inspires others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are an excellent leader.” – Dolly Parton

This month we welcomed our Junior and Senior Campus leaders into their roles in front of gathered peers, staff and family. Leaders enable people towards a vision, and we are proud of our students who take on leadership roles at our Junior and Senior Campuses.

At the Junior Campus, our Grade 6 cohort embraces the responsibility of being a leader to our Junior Campus students. Their leadership is underpinned by lines of enquiry as well as the School’s Identity. Our Junior Campus leaders are:

  • Knowledgeable: helping to facilitate the development of expertise and knowledge and understanding the needs of others.
  • Communicators: demonstrating commitment through effective communication and as a result building strong and healthy relationships across the campus.
  • Trustworthy: displaying integrity, honesty and empathy. They serve with organisation and good time management.
  • Enablers of change: they troubleshoot with confidence and resilience.
2023 Junior Campus School Leaders inducted into their roles in a ceremony held Monday 20 February are;
School Captains – Ivy Rapley and Zane Dean
House Captains –
Maxey-Middleton – Alex French and Millie Inman
Buesnell-Rooney – Oliver van der Molen and Masie Miller
Lyttleton-Hewton – Harry Jackson and Alice Fanning
Environmental Leaders – Oliver Chia and Millie Kilburn
Library Leaders – Rosa Hopper and Nicola Amerekanos
Performing Arts Leaders – Matthew Barrenger, Elliott Hughes and Indiana Williams
Visual Arts Leaders – Asha George and Chloe Millwood
Our School Prefects provide guidance and leadership to the School. As they enter their final year of schooling, our Senior Campus leaders are an example to younger students and they are forming behaviours that will guide them into their adult lives.
Your 2023 Senior Campus School Leaders inducted into a ceremony on Thursday 9 February are;
Co-Captains – Asha Pohan and Thomas Beaumont
Co-Vice Captains – Poppy Loane and Samuel Quinn
Prefects – Bryce Redburn, Lola Eastaugh, Savindi Tillekeratne, Bianca Anderson
House Captains & Prefects
Fraser – Holly Gibbons and Godsway Williams
Gillett – Gracie McLeod and Thomas Carins
Roff – Jessica McCallumsmith and Joe Hall
Savigny – Tess Klower and Josh Fulton
Wilkinson – Lily Dunn and Edwin (Ned) Adkins
Hawkes – Mackenzie Grant
Hawkes Co Vice-Captains – Skye Ellis and Blaze Birch