175-year Milestone Marked

Launceston Grammar will this year mark 175 years. The School was founded on 15 June 1846 with the Reverend Henry Plow-Kane as founding Headmaster.

Current Headmaster, Mr Richard Ford said the School is excited to be able to recognise this significant milestone, with celebratory events to occur throughout the year.

“We were founded at a time when Launceston was described as ‘a small town with a population of about 8 000 people’, and today we see a thriving and diverse community built upon the heart and soul of its people,” says Richard.

“Our strong sense of school spirit, history and belonging is very much a part of the fabric of the School and its journey so far.

“We have families who have been a part of this journey for many generations; providing true testament to the outstanding education we have delivered for 175 years.”